Our games

Below you find a listing of the games we currently offer in the app store.


We are sure this screenshot needs very little introduction. Back in the day we played the original Tetris for hours on end. And we’re sure you have, too. And now we finally made our own version. We hope you appreciate our take on this famous game and look forward to seeing your name appear in the Halls of Fame!

Balloon Pop Mania

In a typical match-3 game find groups of three or more balloons, pop them with your finger and look at them go. Score as many points as you can, but be careful they don’t reach the top!

And if you happen to get a highscore, but sure to add your name in the Halls of Fame.

The Floor is Lava : Room Escape

A game based on the popular meme ‘The Floor is Lava‘.
Each level presents the player a new room where the floor has become hot lava. With only a few minutes to spare the player has to collect a few of his personal items and then leave the room. Can you survive through all levels?

Blocky Maze Runner

You have no choice in this game but to go forward. Stand still for too long and that beam will catch you for sure! See those yellow blocks? Collect them and buy yourself a shiny new skin.

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Crystal Hunt

Ready for a new adventure? Meet Dex, a somewhat quirky alien, set out to collect precious crystals. Obviously that is not without danger, but we’re sure you can offer a helping hand, right?

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