Crystal Hunt

Crystal Hunt

A short while ago we release our first game called Crystal Hunt. Crystal Hunt is a platform game where you play as the character Dex, a goofy alien bent on making his fortune by collecting crystals and other precious items. This is of course not entirely without danger. All kinds of dangerous creatures inhabit the caves these crystals are found in. And even if you’re lucky enough to get past them, there are other traps and hazards to watch out for.

Crystal Hunt - shoot enemy

Fortunately you are not entirely on your own. There are other, more friendly inhabitants to be found here as well. And they will even help you get to the next level. Just walk past each of these workers and they will unblock a section of the exit for you. Once all workers have been freed, a portal will open and you’ll be able to move on to the next level.

Crystal hunt - rescue worker

Currently Crystal Hunt has 18 levels to play through, but more levels are in the works, featuring new environments, enemies and hazards to counter. We also have plans to add achievements and a new Hard Mode that will give you just a single live for each level.

Crystal hunt enemies


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