Privacy Policy

This Policy describes how we treat personal information we collect online or through our games.

This privacy policy was last updated July 9th 2022.


Mobidus' website (alternatively does not use cookies. It's purpose is to share information about new events, it's games and some details about it's founder/owner.
Visitors of are not tracked, no user data of any kind is stored and as such, there are no popup's asking for consent.

Data collection through direct communication

Mobidus may collect data you provide through direct communication such as e-mail.
Depending on the purpose of the communication your data may be stored as long as is necessary to fulfil the purposes for which it was collected, including legal, accounting, or reporting obligations.

Data collection through apps

Mobidus offers mobile games through the Google App store.
These mobile games were developed using the Unity game engine and serve the player Unity advertisments. The following may be relevant to your situation:

(Additionally, all users, regardless of their location, may opt-out of all personalized advertising by enabling privacy features on their devices such as Limit Ad Tracking (iOS) and Opt Out of Ads Personalization (Android). See your device's Help system for more information.)

Also, you may see certain "brand" advertising within our ad network (a brand ad is advertising for products that are not games, such as ads for an airline travel deal or a soft drink). Unity gets these ads from third-party networks. We do not permit these third parties to add your app usage to their marketing database, except for a few exceptions, which we specifically list in the Advertising Choices section of our Privacy Policy. The small subset of third parties listed are clearly noted as being permitted by our contracts to use the fact that you play a particular game in their future targeting of ads to you for other non-Unity parties. The remaining parties listed have been clearly noted as not permitted to maintain data about the ad they served you through the Unity network for future use. Please note that if you have told Unity not to target you or you have exercised choices directly with these third parties as described in our Advertising Choices section, this information will not be maintained or used by us or these third parties. Please note that if you have elected to not have your data collected by Unity, we do not send your advertising identifier to any third party, and you will receive only contextual advertising inside our network. You may also visit the third parties listed in our Privacy Policy (at the links we provide) to see the types of data that these parties have about you based on your device's advertising identifier. Please review the section "What are my privacy choices for advertising?" below to learn more about how to exercise choice with regard to personalized ads."

Please read their full privacy policy to find out more about how they handle data :

Other third parties

Mobidus has licensed some of their games to the below mentioned parties.
Please refer to their Privacy Policy to know how they handle your data
Crazy Games -


We understand the importance of protecting the privacy and safety of children using our services, as outlined by the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA). Accordingly, we do not knowingly collect, use, or disclose personal information from children under 13.
Currently, none of our games are targetted specifically towards children under 13.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We will periodically update this privacy policy to reflect changes in our information practices, and to add additional third party operators.

Privacy Policy Contact Information

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us via e-mail at